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  • Dr. Joey White

Our Classroom Requirements for Seminary

At Practical Theological Seminary, our students will complete the following coursework to receive credit for their classes.

Bible- Students will read the entire Bible during their two years at seminary.

Books- Students will be assigned one or two books to read for each class.

Written Papers- Students will write a two-page reflection paper (due two weeks after each class) detailing the major objectives that were taught and the lessons learned for ministry.

Journal- Students will keep a journal throughout the two year seminary program that will describe their personal time with God, what God has been speaking directly to them, lessons learned, answered prayer, experiences of sharing their faith, etc.

Personal Evangelism- Students will be required to personally share the Gospel five times per year and record their results to receive credit for their courses. Students will record their encounters in their journal and share testimonies during class.

Examinations- There are no exams! Instead, students will have one oral examination before graduation. Students must show a competency in their knowledge of the Scriptures, application of classes, a mature relationship with Jesus, love for one another, and ability to lead.

Apply now for the Fall semester and start your two year journey with Jesus!

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