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Fulfilling Prophecy When It's Not Safe

Day 6 (Nov 14) Would you choose to fulfill prophecy or live in safety?

The Jewish Re-Settlers of Samaria: They could have lived anywhere in Israel, but they chose to fulfill the prophecies of Jeremiah 31.

History: Back in the mid 1980s, several Jewish families moved to a hilltop in Samaria to live in tents powered only by generators and no permanent water source. Search “Itamar” to read about it. (My picture from yesterday was from Itamar)

The world governments consider their actions of resettling the Land of Israel illegal. Why? Ultimately, the dark world knows what happens if the Jews ever take permanent possession of the Land and build back the Temple of God. Redemption and Judgement! We must understand this is a physical and spiritual battle that is being waged in Israel, and it has consequences good and bad for the whole world.

A Curious Family from Tennessee: Twenty years ago, God called the Waller family to move from Tennessee to fulfill Jeremiah’s prophecy in Samaria. Jeremiah 31:5 says, “Again you will plant your vineyards on the mountains of Samaria and eat from your own gardens there.” The prophecy was a promise that one day God’s people would return to the land after their captivity and exile to live and plant vineyards in Samaria.

The Wallers started HaYovel to primarily bring Christian volunteers over to help the Jewish Re-Settlers plant more vineyards, orchards and forests in the barren lands of Samaria and Judea in order to take back the Land of Israel (You can volunteer at HaYovel because StoneWater partners with them)

Challenge: We only get one life! We can live comfortably and in safety, or we can truly live to fulfill Scripture. Go take a hill for Jesus. Go spread the Gospel among the nations. Go risk it all to see God work in your life. Who’s in?

Pictured is our team with the famous “Cowboys” who went viral before our trip. They are volunteering at HaYovel through the end of December.

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