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  • Dr. Joey White

Want to Change the World? Take 5 Faith Steps!

How did Jesus turn ordinary men into mature disciples that changed the world? All church leaders should ask this question. Spiritual growth comes through leading our people to making greater faith commitments. Below are the 5 Faith Steps we find in the Bible that leads Christians to become mature followers of Jesus.

What step are you on in your faith journey?

Faith Step 1. Jesus said, "COME AND SEE" (John 1:35-39). Just come and see for yourself what Jesus is all about! Super low commitment.

Faith Step 2. Jesus said, "FOLLOW ME." (John 1:43). Watch, listen, learn, go and do what Jesus did. A Bigger Commitment but still doable for most people.

Faith Step 3. Jesus asked them to "DENY THEMSELVES AND TAKE UP THEIR CROSS DAILY." (Luke 9:23-25). Wow! Put Jesus first. Be willing to suffer and sacrifice for the cause of Jesus daily. A Big Commitment that Will Cost You.

Faith Step 4. After the resurrection, Jesus’ followers were called to be "CRUCIFIED WITH CHRIST AND NO LONGER LIVE FOR THEMSELVES BUT BY FAITH." (Galatians 2:20). A Huge Commitment: You are being asked to give over complete control of your life to Jesus. Jesus is now living inside and outside of your life for others to see. You strive to live for Him by faith each day. (Most Christians are not willing to go here with Jesus).

Faith Step 5. During the End Times, Jesus’ followers are called to be "WITNESSES AND NOT LOVE THEIR LIVES EVEN TO THE POINT OF DEATH." (Revelation 12:10-12). The Greatest and Most Difficult Commitment of All! You will live (and you are willing to die) for the mission of Jesus. You have fully embraced Jesus as Lord, King, and Friend. Nothing in life is greater than your relationship with Jesus. (Very few people even consider this commitment. Those that do can change the world).

Do you want to change the world? Take a step of faith!!!

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