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  • Dr. Joey White

How to Enjoy Shabbat

Day 2 (Nov. 10) Shabbat Shalom.

We arrived in Tel Aviv, Israel today just in time to rent a car and travel north to our StoneWater Home near the Sea of Galilee. Our friend and ministry partner who owns the home prepared the most amazing Shabbat meal for us.

Shabbat means Sabbath. God commands Israel to have a day of rest every week starting at sunset on Friday and ending sundown on Saturday. The Shabbat meal is a holy time for families and friends to meet together and give thanks to God for all things especially bread, wine, and God’s Word.

Teaching: God gave the 10 commandments (Ex. 20) to Israel so they may be a light for all nations (Is. 49) to follow God. If you are from all the nations, you are not Israel, but you can join in God’s family (Rom. 11) by believing in Jesus (Rom. 10:9) the Messiah. Jesus’ Apostles at the Jerusalem Council (Acts 15) determined the nations did not have to convert to Judaism and become Israel. The nations however, must obey all the moral laws found in the Torah and teachings in the New Testament, but they are not sinning against God if they are not keeping all the 613 commands found in the Torah. Those commands are specifically created for Israel. That’s why Christians typically do not observe Sabbath, keep the Biblical Feasts, and follow all the Law of Moses. Seriously, read Acts 15 to learn what the Apostles required Gentile believers to follow.

Challenge: You are not sinning if you do not keep the Sabbath, BUT you are blessed everytime you do! Jesus would have this exact meal each week. Learn what He did and you will be more like Him.

Click the link below to learn how you can enjoy a Sabbat meal with your family. It is such a blessing.

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