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  • Dr. Joey White

Always Do What Makes the Better Story

I have taught that line to my boys for years. Life is made up of memories, and memories always have a story. We tell the same stories over and over because our stories make us who we are today. What makes the better story? Throwing caution to the wind. Taking a leap of faith. Going where no one has gone before. Overcoming your fears. Going all in. Being the hero. When everyone tells you no, you decide to go!

Life with Jesus always produces the better story. Doing life His way forces us to live by faith. When my wife and I were newly weds and in seminary, God taught us a life-changing phrase that has forever defined our family. We call it Dumb Faith!

Dumb defined is lacking intelligence or good judgment; stupid; dull-witted. It's normally negative, and many playground fights have started with this word. However, in the biblical sense of the word, it is a requirement for anyone who wants to please God. For instance, David was lacking all intelligence when he went toe-to-toe against Goliath. Moses was lacking good judgement when he faced the most powerful man on earth, Pharaoh. It was a stupid idea for Peter to think he could walk on water (Peter definitely did what made the better story). Obviously, it was dull-witted of the promiscuous woman at the well to proclaim to the whole city that Jesus was the Messiah only after briefly speaking to him.

Faith sure looks dumb to the world, but God requires it. Hebrews 11:6 (NLT) says, "It is impossible to please God without faith."

Faith always makes the better story. I have plenty of dumb faith skins on the wall, but rarely do I tell those stories. The best stories are those that people tell about you. David probably never told story of Goliath. Moses was far to focused on the Lord to talk about his defeat of Pharaoh. Peter never mentioned his dumb faith stories in the New Testament book named after him. And the faithful woman at the well never took credit for saving her entire city. Think about the stories you tell about yourself. Most are just dumb and self-centered. What stories of dumb faith do people tell about you?

Maybe it's time to start living by faith! Maybe it's time to start making memories! Maybe it's time to do what makes the better story!

How would your life be different if you started a two year journey with Jesus at Practical Theological Seminary? To go or not to go? What makes the better story?

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