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  • Dr. Joey White

Biblical Heartland- Judea and Samaria

Day 5 Trip to Israel (Nov 13)- It’s time for us to recognize the Land of Israel by it’s Biblical names instead letting the world try to erase God and the Jews.

Question: God gave the Holy Land to Israel, but He made them purchase three pieces of land so there would never be any dispute of ownership. In what three cities did ancient Israel purchase land? We have the deeds recorded in the Bible. It’s time for us to acknowledge what God has done and what the world is trying to do to erase God and His People from existence.

Answer: 1. Abraham purchased land in Hebron for 400 silver shekels to bury his wife (Gen 23). 2. Jacob purchased land in Shechem to live for 100 pieces of silver (Gen 33). 3. David purchased a threshing floor for 50 pieces of silver on the exact place Solomon would later build the Temple which is Jerusalem (2 Sam. 24).

Meaning Today: The three most important cities to God and the Jews are the three most dangerous and highly contested cities on earth. Parts of Jerusalem and all of Hebron and Shechem are in what the world labels “The West Bank”. God labels them in the Bible as Jerusalem and the regions of Judea and Samaria.

Darkness hates Light. The world hates God and His people. The Jews only make up 0.2% of the world’s population, but they are the most persecuted people on earth. Violent Jew hatred is still seen all over America, and the media and college campuses turn the blame back on the Jews.

An Ancient but New Name: We should no longer recognize what the world labels it, The West Bank. Starting today, we only know it by its Biblical name which is the area of Judea and Samaria. Judea and Samaria must no longer be considered occupied or colonized by the Jews. The 200 Jewish communities of 500,000 Jews in Judea and Samaria should no longer be called illegal settlements because it’s time for the Jews to resettle their own homeland.

Challenge: Our whole Bible was written and the events occurred in and around the Holy Land of Israel. We must understand what is physically and spiritually happening on the ground in Israel today. We have been blinded and deceived by the world to the atrocities and schemes of the devil to the Jews and the Land. The whole world will be coming against Israel soon. It’s time to pray, stand with Israel and participate in God’s redemptive plan upon the earth.

Picture: In the distance you see Mt. Ebal and Mt. Gerizim (Joshua 8) with Shechem in the valley. The world changed the Biblical name of Shechem to Nablus. Nablus is constantly in the news for terrorist activity in Samaria.

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